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How do I register / login?

You can register as a buyswapsell.net.au member on the homepage of our site. Click the “register” button and you will then have options to quickly register.


How do I post an Ad?

Click on the “Post an ad” button. Posting an ad is fast and easy. Is a good idea to think about your ad first, select the right category and sub-category to get found faster and give a lot of information about the items/s you are selling. Once it will be approved, it will go live to thousands of daily users.


During the ad posting, I don't want to type my personal address.

That's absolutely fine. In the "address" field you can type the exact address OR only the suburb where the item is located. Also make sure you type the correct post code.


What can I sell?

You can sell almost anything on buyswapsell.net.au. Some popular items are:



Here is a link to the things you cannot sell. Prohibited Items.


How many ads can I post?

You are able to post as many ads as you like.


How much does it cost?

BuySwapSell allows unlimited FREE advertisements for agents/dealers & private sellers in all categories until sold. 


What is "First" ad?

Top ad is an upgrade for your free ad. It will always appear in the Top Ad section of buyers search results of search results making more visible and giving you the best chances to sell your items faster.


What is "Bold" ad?

You would choose an bold ad if you needed to catch the buyer eyes with the description in bold.


What is a "Border" ad?

Your ad will be outlined to stand out better from the rest of the ads.


What is a "Background" ad?

A highlight ad has a coloured eye catching background. It will make the ad stand out against all the other white backgrounds.


What is Bump?

Each time you place an ad it starts at the top of the list and slowly goes down the list as other items/ads are placed. For a small fee, a bump will get your ad to the top again. 


How do I remove my ad?

Once you have had a successful sale you can remove the ad by clicking the “delete” button located in your profile section > My Account > My Adverts. 


How do I edit my ad?

Edit your ad by first clicking on the “edit” button within your ads. Find them by accessing "My Ads". The edit button will take you to the ad placement pages where you can make the changes you want. Once finished click on th “Update Ad” button at the bottom of the page. Your ad will be moderated and then placed online.


How do I contact a seller?

Once you have found an ad you like and want to make enquiries with the seller. You can call the seller if they provide their phone number or use the internal form to send them an email.


How do I pay for my items?

The safest way to pay for your items is to pay cash or card and possibly bringing a friend with you at the time of the transaction.


Can I advertise commercially?

Yes, and you can post as many ads as you like for free.


How long do ads stay online?

Most private listings have an unlimited listing. 


Why is my ad not showing after I published it?

Your ad will need to go thru moderation and at times will take up to 3 hours. Usually will be approved within a few minutes.


Why was my ad deleted?

Buy Swap Sell staff have the duty to further check if your ad is legit once online to protect buyers in the best possible ways. If the ad goes against our posting policies we will delete the ad.


Who is responsible when things go wrong?

BuySwapSell will help if we can when things go wrong but because transactions between buyers and sellers are private we take no liability. You must make sure you are safe in these transactions. For more information about buying and selling safely please read our general safety rules.


Communicating with buyswapsell.net.au

All emails coming from Buy Swap Sell will only come from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and nothing else. We will never ask for your personal details, payments, passwords etc... 

BuySwapSell.net.au will only send emails about your ad status and occasionally contact you only about the kind of ad you are trying to post.