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Let's address just one aspect of men's unusual behaviour that can drive even the most self-controlled woman to feelings of desperation.

You overcome your reservations about showing up on a scene that is basically a social event fueled by people interested in meeting someone of the opposite sex.

You show up in a good mood because you're having a good hair day and you feel confident about your appearance. You’re wearing the outfit your best friend approved of as "cute and a little sexy."

At the gathering you interact with a good number of people, feeling confident and more social than you had expected.

It's not that you're stuck up, it's just that the few men that actually interact with you demonstrate low social skills or mental horsepower that simply wouldn't allow them to keep up if you were to pursue any kind of relationship beyond casual conversation at a party. But several men do catch your eye, men with the level of adept social skill you can see across the room.

One guy in particular catches your eye. He even stands behind you at one point, conversing comfortably about topics you found interesting. But he doesn’t approach you.

He walks across the room to settle into a long conversation with some bimbo wearing a dress that is too tight and a stupid smile that often preceded her explosions of annoying laughter.

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